Gastronomy and Wine

Delight yourself with the flavours of Arrábida


These are some suggestions and gastronomic gems that surround Arrábida – an endless world of flavours. It is, also, these riches of the land, the sea and the palate that define this place.


Moscatel of Setúbal

They are considered “Portugal’s drinking national heritage”, and have been appreciated by kings and the people since time immemorial.

Azeitão Cheese

Made from raw sheep’s milk, it began to be produced in the 19th century and has distinct and much appreciated characteristics.

Bread in wood oven

Handmade product that brings authentic taste to its tasters.



The origin of caldeirada goes back to the time of the ancient ships, which, in order not to throw away the fish with little commercial value, the fishermen used to make this dish to eat during their trips.

Choco Frito

The delicacy of the paradise of good fish that stands out in the region. A much appreciated and traditional delicacy that motivates pilgrimages to the city all year round.

Feijoada de Choco

One of the region’s best-known and most coveted dishes. At the end of the meal, it is tradition to dip bread in the feijoada broth and accompany a good wine.


Cabidela de Galinha

One of the oldest dishes in portuguese cuisine with traditional flavours.

Feijoada de Frango Frito

There is a predominance of rural gastronomy in which this dish stands out.

Rice of Duck

One of the most coveted poultry dishes in the region.


Tortas de Azeitão

A much appreciated delicacy that makes people move to the region on purpose, as it is a delicious delicacy.

Farinha Torrada

It comes from the fishing village of Sesimbra, with a traditional character, associated with the fishermen who took a kind of “energy bar” to work.

S of Azeitão

They are the kind of cookies that should always accompany a coffee or tea and, of course, a visit to Arrábida.