About us


In order to promote this Portuguese paradise and make an Arrábida For All, we tried to join forces around a common goal. With the creation of a management organisation, we coordinated all the elements that make up the tourist destination, in a strategic approach common to all the entities involved.



We thus value details and personalised contact with our clients, so our team is made up of properly trained and experienced professionals. This team is also joined by a set of reference partners, who help us to ensure the success of every moment – success is the result of building solid and mutually beneficial relationships with our colleagues, partners and clients.



Who are we and

what do we do?


Arrábida Experiences is a destination management entity, focused on taking full advantage of all the potentialities of Arrábida Natural Park as a destination of excellence, associated with sustainable tourism – sharing and practicing better and more conscious practices in order to infect others and contribute to the reduction of the ecological footprint.

We use our motivation and dedication to stimulate, engage and inspire others. We work, passionately, in order to provide memorable moments for all visitors.

a great team



Experience is not lacking in our team, with years of activity in the various areas of Nature Tourism!
They know Arrábida like the back of their hands!


Application to training is a key point in the team. Training in the various areas of tourism, technical components of the various modalities and also various trainings in the area of first aid.


One team is worth many, smiles characterise our team. From the beginning to the end of any experience or training, you can count on a lot of animation and laughter.

The faces of Arrábida Experiences

Rúdi Lopes

General Diretor
Assistant Intructor Trainer

Iris Lopes

Diver SSI

Raquel Veiga

Communication and Partnerships
Assistant Intructor

Tiba "o Farrusco"

Fun department

Expert at getting in the way

Filipe Lemos

Logistics and Maintenance
Assistant Intructor

Pedro Ortiz

Logistics Technician



Our partners